A Nut Free Hallowe’en

Oct 29

With Halloween quickly approaching, here are a few tips to help protect your child (or yourself!) and still allow them to have a fun evening:


  1. EPIPEN! This is obviously the #1 item that should be on the child, right after the costume. Don’t put the EpiPen inside the costume.
  2. Inspect the candy. If you are with the child as they go around, you can inspect it before it goes into their bag. If there is something that is not edible by the little tike it is best to tell the giver at the time and have something else substituted if there is something else available. If it is you going around, do the same thing. That way you get more that you can keep!
  3. If the label is inconclusive if it contains any allergens, get rid of the candy. Don’t take any chances, even if you think that particular candy is usually safe. There have been instances where the small treat-sized candies are packaged in another area of the factory where nuts are also packaged.
  4. Instruct the kids to politely refuse any homemade or unpackaged treats.
  5. To be perfectly safe, you can ask your neighbors to hand out special packets to your kids. Go one step further and prepare the packets for them. You could also ask them to give out non-food treats like stickers or small toys
  6. Instead of trick-or-treating you could host a costume party. Invite the neighborhood kids over to play games and carve pumpkins

So don’t feel that your child needs to be left out. There is LOTS to do on October 31st!