Allergies Attack iPhone Game

Aug 05

Allergies Attack iPhone Game

Allergies Attack is a fun game developed by an allergic-aware developer who put together this game to help promote awareness of allergies and at the same time, help people have fun while getting through the day.

Allergies Attack!

The game follows a boy during his dreams in which he goes on the offensive against all types of allergies; pollen, bees, peanuts, dust, pet dander, you name it.

Fly a ship and shoot the baddies out of the sky as they come flying towards you.

I bought the game and found it to be fun and managed to get through a few levels of play. I’ve been told that there will be an update to introduce a more child-friendly settings so that even the little ones can enjoy it to its fullest!

At only .99 cents you too can support the awareness campaign! (links to


Game Intro screen

Game screen