“anaphylaxis to airborne food particles is very rare”: Dr Ham Pong

Oct 07

“anaphylaxis to airborne food particles is very rare”: Dr Ham Pong

For anyone who did not know this, it’s great to hear this from a prominent artillerist.


The opening paragraph tells us:

You can be assured that anaphylaxis to airborne food particles is very rare. An allergic reaction to food will not occur because someone is eating it in a classroom or vicinity of the allergic person. The main reason for advising that the allergenic food not be brought into a classroom is the potential for an allergic child to accidentally ingest some by sharing food. Secondary reasons (less likely to cause anaphylaxis because of the smaller quantities involved) are cross-contamination of desks, toys etc.

He goes on to tell us that the smell of peanuts in the air does not come from the peanut protein.  Note, though, that peanut dust in the air can cause a reaction. Like if a room full of people opened packages of peanuts at the same time.

Give the Allergic Living article a read to set your mind at ease, or at least part of your mind 🙂