Applebee’s won’t bend

Sep 30

Applebee’s won’t bend

I was contacted today by Paul about a series of posts that have been gathering attention on his blog at Allergy Eats.

This is not so much an attack at Applebee’s but hopefully someting that will bring attention to what the food-allergic community can potentially bring to a food chain. Applebee’s is a good starting point, being the largest casual food chain in America, and the largest food chain in America that does not cater to the food allergic.

What? How can someone so engrained in the U.S. be so standoffish? Apparently they don’t seem to care enough to provide Paul with a suitable answer. Not enough to give him a few minutes of time with an Operations Officer to discuss what they are missing out on. Were no’t just talking about the charming people who will not eat there now, were talking about the MILLIONS of dollars per year that they could be filling thier coffers with.

REad on to hear what Paul has to say, then send an email to the Applebee’s office and tell them to get off thier duff and do something about it.

Again, this should not just apply to Applebee’s. Insert the name of any restaurant, chain or not, that is not noticing the growing throngs of people who might like to eat there if only your staff were aware of how to manage our plates. It’s not really that difficult, it just takes awareness.

Al little piece of what Paul has to say:

The saga started on August 17 when we posted an AllergyEats Blog entry entitled “Guest post – Applebee’s disappoints!,” which detailed the story of one disappointing customer experience.  This opened up a flood of comments on our blog and Facebook page.  The posts showed that a tremendous number of food-allergic diners have had negative experiences at Applebee’s.  Given this response, and seeing that they had a poor AllergyEats allergy-friendliness rating (2.3 on a scale of 1 to 5), I decided to call and allow them to address the issue.

READ ON, it’s a really good read.