Hallowe’en approaches again. Be safe, be Scarey!

Oct 17

Don’t be scared, be scarey!

Halloween is a fun time and can be for all kids.

Last year I posted my 6 Steps to a safer Halloween. They still apply, so apply them to your Halloween this year.

Remember, point number 1; Don’t put the Epipen inside the costume! It may seem obvious, but some kids/parents may think the costume dosen’t look as good with a Epi-belt around the waist.

Find a way to make it look good. If the costume is a pirate, put the Epipen on the pirate’s belt in a black sack. Make a belt the same color as the costume so it blends in. There are ways to make it work.

If you are going to include the Epipen into the costume, how are you doing it? Leave us a comment.