Hilton Soy Foods Announces SoyButter – Peanut Butter Alternative

Mar 18

It’s always great to hear of another peanut butter alternative. As a member of a family that has someone with an allergy to peanuts and nuts, and not being allergic myself, I sometimes have a yearning for the old stuff. I never partake mind you, but after finding Sunbutter and now knowing there is this, the options are growing!.

Manufacturers now have a ‘same taste’ one to one substitute they can use to replace both peanuts and peanut butter in virtually any kind of product. Never before has there been a product that tastes, smells, and looks just like peanut butter—until now, from Hilton Soy Foods.

There is a twofold crisis now occurring in millions of homes, schools and factories across the country. Due to the growing prevalence of kids with severe allergic reactions to peanuts, schools are now banning our kids from bringing any peanut or peanut butter products to school. In addition, everyone now has tremendous food safety quality concerns and negative perceptions resulting from the recent peanut salmonella problems. Hilton’s innovative peanut butter-like, Omega3 SoyButter can now solve both crises.

After four years of development, Hilton Soy Foods has created a safe and healthy solution for manufacturers who want to help keep kids and schools safe and free of peanut allergies.  In addition, with Hilton’s Omega3 SoyButter and the various granulations of Toasted Soy Ingredients available, manufacturers can now make a variety of innovative products with a p-nutty taste that everyone can feel safe in enjoying.

Hilton SoyButter is all natural with no fillers or artificial anything that really does look, smell, and taste like real peanut butter. Kids and adults alike love the taste and can’t believe it’s not peanut butter!

The SoyButter is made from gently roasted non-gmo soy sustainably grown and produced in Ontario,Canada by the Mahon family. Scott Mahon, president of the company, and one of three brothers working in the family-owned business states, “My family and I are very excited and proud to be able to produce a product that fills such a critical need in the food industry. We have taken extra special care to grow, process, and dry roast our soy safely and just right with our proprietary toasting technology to bring out the p-nutty flavor that makes our Toasted Soy Ingredients and SoyButter taste great.”

Hilton Omega3 SoyButter is produced in a stainless steel closed-loop system that assures food safety and quality, and prevents all microbiological contamination.

Hilton Soy Foods claims soybeans are naturally safer than peanuts since they are grown above ground and harvested dry, vs peanuts that grow under ground, are harvested moist, and therefore more susceptible to microbiological contamination and aflatoxin mold.

Hilton SoyButter is already used by a number of food manufacturers and is sold in over 85 food service distributors and thousands of retail supermarkets.  

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Hilton Omega3 SoyButter actually has a nutritional advantage since soy is considered to be a complete protein compared to peanuts. In addition, soy contains a naturally balanced blend of healthy Omega 3(over 4000 mg/100gm), 6 and 9 essential oils.

Hilton Soy Foods, with 20 years experience in producing organic and natural food ingredients, is a leading soy manufacturer of “field to table” p-nutty tasting Non-GMO Toasted Soy Ingredients including Whole, Halves, Pieces, Flours and SoyButter ingredients manufactured in a 100% nut free facility. Their products are used in many applications, including nut-free, nutty taste profiles, lower cost nut substitutes, soy protein health claims ,etc.