How strange an allergy are these?

Jan 18

How strange an allergy are these?

Ever stop to think of those people who are alergic to water, or vibrations?

What about those poor individuals who can’t be around deodorant or underwear?

These are real allergies and our friend at Online Nurse Practitioner Schools outlines 20 of the strangest allergies I’ve ever heard of.

Here’s #12 for example:

    12. Pressure

    One of the most common classifications of urticaria, dermatographism comes from a negative reaction to varying degrees of pressure. Depending on the severity of the case, anything from a slight touch upwards can trigger an allergic episode. It can either affect the entire body or localized areas. Many individuals stuck with the condition have quite a bit of fun with it, using their bodies as outlets for creative expression by scratching messages and designs into their skin. While a permanent cure has yet to be found, antihistamines usually work well as a treatment option. More serious instances may require some shifts in lifestyle to minimize potentially painful contact.

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