Introducing Delicardo Foodcards – Your Dining Assistant.

Apr 12

Introducing Delicardo Foodcards – Your Dining Assistant.

  • How do you describe your allergies to a waiter or chef?
  • Are you sure you covered everything?
  • After he leaves to go place your order, did you forget to tell him one other thing about what you can not eat?
  • What if the waiter forgets to mention something to the kitchen or says the wrong thing?
  • What happens if you are travelling? Do you know how to describe your allergies to someone in their native language?

Delicardo Foodcards can help you get through these situations. The Delicardo Foodcard contains all the information a food preparation professional could need. It lists the food you can and can not eat. It even tells them where these allergic reaction-inducing ingredients can be most commonly found.

Available in English, German and Spanish (they are currently working on a French version as well as other languages) you can order them specially for the vacation you are about to take.

Kids Delicardo
The cards are available for just about any allergy or sensitivity out there:

  • Nuts
  • Celery
  • Egg
  • Fish
  • Histamine
  • Milk
  • Seafood
  • Soya
  • And More!

Delicardo Foodcards are developed with help from nutrition professionals and chefs to give as accurate a description as possible. The design is made to be easy to read. There is an area for you to add your own notes or for waiters to add theirs.

Each individual allergy can be included on a card, or you can customize your cards to include as many allergies as you want to make a combination card. Check out the Configurator here. In the Configurator you can also add your own notes if there are specific foods you want listed that are not included by default. You can also include information about medication.

The cards are currently available through the Delicardo website, and pricing for packages of 10 or 50 cards is in Euros. We at Eat Nut Free have inquired if there will be a North American distributor, and we should have news about that in the near future.

Together with Delicardo we will be hosting a give-away of a 10-pack of cards. Depending on the response we may give away more! Stay tuned for details of the contest within the next couple of weeks.