Keeps Me Safe keeps me safe with hand made bracelets

Sep 27

Keeps Me Safe keeps me safe with hand made bracelets
I love my new hand-made Medical Alert bracelet from Keeps Me Safe.
Delivery from Spain to Ottawa, Canada was very fast at about 2 weeks. In the package I received the bracelet, the tag and some spare rings in case I needed to extend the size, which I did not. When I ordered I sent them the exact size of my wrist and when they manufacture the bracelet I assume they give you a bit of extra room so it does not fit too snug..

The bracelet I chose was the dark brown leather weave with silver coloured accents. It is very nicely woven with thick leather strips and a Celtic-inspired bead at its center.

The tag is a solid metal, I assume steel, with an embossed universal blue medical symbol on the outer side. The under-side is embossed with the info I submitted and it fills the whole underside with the shorter of the 2 lines using a larger font. This is good as it makes it easy to read. The only suggestion I have for Keeps Me Safe is to either use a wider font (bold for example) or a deeper embossing. The reason is the font has such a thin line that unless angled just right it is hard to read. When speed is of utmost importance in an emergency you don’t want to be fumbling trying to read the test on a tag.

With the selection of bracelets available I think the Keeps Me Safe collection will suit any event or occasion from formal to casual. The tags come off and are interchangeable so you can have one tag and many bracelets to suit wherever you go and whatever you wear.

It is an attractive option to keep you or your family members safe.