Kyle Dine Rocks!

Dec 22

Kyle Dine Rocks!

Kyle DineLast month, we had the great pleasure of seeing Kyle Dine in concert! Kyle Dine is a musician who records and performs children’s music about food allergies. His songs contain positive messages on living with and safely managing one’s food allergies, and his concerts are educational, uplifting, and a lot of fun. We had the opportunity to ask a few questions of this gifted songwriter.

How old were you when you found out you had a food allergy and how did it happen?

  • I first found out that I had food allergies when I was two years old. My parents tell me that I experienced a rash and hives all over my body after consuming a milkshake which had egg in the ice cream.

What are you allergic to?

  • I am currently allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, mustard, penicillin, and dogs and cats.

When did you start advocating for food allergic people?

When did you decide that music was how you wanted to send the message?

  • I have always been passionate about music, but the idea to do songs about food allergies came to me when I was teaching guitar at a peanut-free summer camp. Music is such an effective way to convey a message, as well as instilling elements of fun and engagement to listeners.

Your songs definitely relay a positive message; in fact, they even seem celebratory. How important do you think it is for kids to feel as if they can “celebrate” their allergies?

  • There is a constant theme of optimism in all my songs. This is really important to me because I want kids to focus on the positive, and become empowered over their allergies. The likelihood of risk-taking is lower when children are confident about what they need to do to stay safe.

Managing one’s own serious food allergies is a big thing for a child to take responsibility of. I’ve read that taking on responsibility is a big component on the road to maturity for children. Do you think that children with life-threatening allergies have a bit of a boost on the road to maturity as a result of their allergies?

  • I think kids with allergies are generally more mature at a young age. Children with allergies are grasping concepts from early on that require them to be mindful of what they eat and how to act if an accidental reaction occurs. Although it does not always seem fair that kids need to be thinking of this when they are so young, I personally felt proud of the fact that I could take care of myself and loved being thought of as a responsible kid.

I love the fact that your messaging to children is consistent and easy to follow (e.g., don’t eat anything that isn’t from your own home). Do you think it’s comforting for youngsters to hear “rules” that are straightforward?

  • The reason I enjoy writing music about food allergies so much is because it gives the opportunity to take a simple concept and craft a series of straightforward rules around it. I commonly use the verse of the song to expand on some of these rules, and then use the chorus to reinforce the main message through repetition.

Your music is a wonderful resource for both educating and entertaining allergic children. As a parent of an allergic child, I’ve also found it to be a great resource for me as well. Having not had allergies myself, I feel like your songs are giving me some insight into what its like to be a child with life-threatening allergies, which fills a gap for me because my child isn’t really able to tell me yet what having allergies is like for him. Do you ever think of yourself as being a voice for the children you’re singing to, giving them songs so they can sing to us about their feelings and experiences?

  • That’s a really interesting perspective! All of my songs come from two different voices – myself and my own personal experiences, and children/families that I’ve met who deal with allergies. I have learned so much from others, and really tried to incorporate their experiences, concerns, and rules into my songs.Ultimately through my experiences and others, I want kids to know that they are not the only ones going through this. There are many others with allergies, and hopefully my songs give them something to relate and grasp to.

My son would like to know what your favorite animal is.

  • My favorite animals are elephants! My dream is to one day ride on one!

Food Allergies Rock - Kyle Dine

Kyle’s newest album, Food Allergies Rock, is available for sale on his website. Follow this link to get one now!

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