Longtime Pizzaria Pizza Nova Caters to the Allergic

Nov 18

This came in from Crazy Nut Lady

“Just to let you know, Pizza Nova is also considered nut free. Check out thier website. As well, each and every time I call I reaffirm. The last time, I was told that it has been noted in my “file” so that each time I call to order, the person receiving the call sees a reminder about the peanut allergy. While I wouldn’t count on anyone there to tell me if something has changed (it’s why I always ask, even though the answer has been the same the last twenty times we’ve ordered (we order a lot of pizza) it’s comforting to know they take food allergies seriously and have certain policies in place.”

As you can see on their website Http://pizzanova.com, the allergen chart outlines all the allergens and how they can be found in the menu.

Pizza Nova can be found in the greater Toronto area and surrounding towns.