New iPhone application helps allergy sufferers abroad —

Apr 14

Being the owner of an Ipod Touch (like the Iphone without the phone) I appreciate the technology aspect of this and helping food allergic people. I am disapointed that someone is charging for this. Many helpful applications in the store are free, and this one should be as well or at least priced more reasonably. $3.99 seems a bit high. I have not reviewed this app but if you know of someone who has it please comment on this!


Those with serious food allergies know that ordering meals in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language can be a dicey and potentially deadly ordeal. Eat Safe, a new iPhone application ($3.99), helps bridge the communication gap between diner and waiter. The program, a model of simplicity, allows the iPhone to display a clear illustration of 18 products, such as fish, dairy or peanuts, that the patron can’t eat. You can download it to your iPhone from the App Store or through iTunes.

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