Swedish restaurants soon ‘allergy free’

Aug 15

http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5hX-Zg7SBjPMuGW1jwzsGYuEDl0sw AFP.Google.com reports in Sweden that a certificate program is soon to be underway to award restaurants whose staff undergo a training program to allow them to advise patrons of allergens in the dishes they are offering. This is the first initiative of its kind anywhere in Europe. This partly came...

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Danissimo Yogurt by Danone may contain nuts and peanuts

Aug 09

Be aware that the outside packaging of the individual servings of Danissimo creamy yogurts produced by Danone does not mention in the ingredients that it may contain nuts and peanuts but the tubs have the warning in red type. This is not obvious when you are buying the product but is semi-obvious when you look at the tub. Share...

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