Food Allergy Awareness Week in Canada

Apr 30

According to Journal 47 from Tuesday April 28th, 2009 a Motion was passed approving May4-May 8 to be Food Allergy Awareness Week! No other info has come out of this but be sure we will be keepign an eye on this! Great news! Source from here. Share...

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Take Action to Prevent Reactions

Apr 29

Spreading the word! This FAAN article is getting lots of press and lets take care to practice these actions and CAP it every day! Take Action to Prevent Reactions during Food Allergy Awareness Week FAIRFAX, Va. (April 28, 2009) – As part of its ongoing efforts to educate people about food allergies and reduce risk-taking behavior during Food Allergy Awareness Week...

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Man died an hour after being treated for peanut allergy

Apr 27

This tragic story has to be told. Why do health professionals feel that a study that is still in it’s infancy is safe to practice on patients? This should never have been done, let alone on someone who is known to have severe allergies to peanuts. I stronly urge anyone who is approached by thier allergenist to consider this story.    A man who suffered from a...

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Nurse practitioner answers some frequently asked food-allergy questions

Apr 24

I like posting these types of articles because it brings to the forefront some common questions regarding food allergies. You can never have too much info about what to do or how to know what it is.   Nurse practitioner and manager of the Bunning Food Allergy Program at Children’s Memorial Hospital, Christine Szychlinski, is recruiting parents for an extensive,...

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Apr 23

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is recalling “Simply Enjoy Pina Colada White Chocolate Gourmet Cookies” due to undeclared pecan. The product was distributed to Stop & Shop Supermarket stores. The 7-oz. packages are marked with UPC 6 8826705538. Consumers may return their receipt to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may...

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