Jul 14

Last week, our son had his allergies retested. He is on a two-year schedule, so this was the third time he had a skin-prick test. His allergist informed us he is no longer allergic to shellfish and, despite never having eaten shellfish, he was very excited. When we asked him what shellfish he would like to try, he definitively answered, “Lobster!” “Couldn’t he have...

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Legal Update: Comcare Prosecutes For Food Allergy Death – Deacons – 07/07/2009, Health & Safety

Jul 09

Further to the article about the Australian Army cadets who died due to a peanut allergy while in the care of the Army, the Federal Court laid down a fine to the maximum allowed. Australia: Legal Update: Comcare Prosecutes For Food Allergy Death On 30 June 2009, the Federal Court of Australia handed down a fine of $210,100 in a Comcare prosecution of the...

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Army fined over teen’s peanut allergy death | Scotch College cadets camp

Jul 03

This is a sad story. Even some government depsartments are failing to understand the severity of this allergy. The Australian Army has been fined more than $200,000 over the death of a teenager from a peanut allergy at a cadets’ school camp in May 2007. Nathan Francis, 13, was a year nine student at Scotch College in Victoria. Regardless of his mother writing...

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