Deans Sweets | Elegant Chocolate Truffles

Sep 02

Deans Sweets | Elegant Chocolate Truffles

I want to bring your attention to a chocolatier that is new to us, Dean’s Sweets hailing from Portland. While I have not had the pleasure to sample thier offerings (no shipping outside of the U.S.) I would love to hear some reviews if you have! tell us what you think in the comments.



Deans Sweets offers elegant, extraordinary, hand-dipped truffles created from the finest imported dark chocolate. Luscious flavors include brandy, rum Myers Dark, scotch single malt, orange, raspberry, coffee, peppermint, ginger, plain, and cayenne!. All with a rich dark chocolate coating. Please see the Orders page for a complete list of our many chocolate choices.

For the chocolate connoisseur, what makes these truffles so unusually fine are their uncommonly good ingredients – centers are made with a delectable 56% cocoa content excepting of course the white chocolate and the coating is a rich 70%.

Please make special note that we use no nuts or nut products when creating these truffles. Anyone with allergies to nuts of any sort can rest assured that there are no tree or ground nuts in products from Deans Sweets. Also of special note: Our chocolate stout truffles are dairy-free. Delectable and yummy, this also makes them vegan. Most of our truffles are also gluten-free. Email us if you have dietary needs or questions.

Truffles are available all year, though in the peak of the summer months, delivery times and costs may be affected by warm weather.

For special events and corporate gifts, delivery times will depend on the size of the order. Please email us with your wishes and we will work to meet your deadlines. Special orders are gladly accepted and every effort is made to supply you with your ideal flavor choices.

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