Peanut Free Symbol

Mar 13

Peanut Free Symbol

I was recently (today) contacted about the use of peanut-free symbols and how one can get them. Sadly I am unable to reply to the person who emailed me because the emails keep bouncing back, so if you are she, here is your reply.



You asked:

Hello my name is S, mother of a boy (5) who is allergic to peanuts and I was wondering about the peanut free symbol, if it has a copyright on it or if there is a generic symbol that is easy for the public to identify.
I am looking for permission to use the peanut free symbol.

If you could contact me back and either inform me of the route to take or how I can go about using a symbol with permission.

My first question would be what you are planning to use it for.

I’ve never come across one that is copyright though I suppose it is probable that someone out there has put a restriction of use on one.
The one I use on my site
I found on the web.
In most cases if you are using it for personal use or not to make money there is no reason you should need permission. If someone approaches you about it you can make arrangements with them but chances are that won’t happen.
If anyone out there has any further thougths, or are a graphic designer and want to make one for free-use that I can display and distribute on Eat Nut-Free, let me know!